Collaborate with the Community

A vital part of the process is finding the right local organisation to partner with in order to bring our Village Savings and Loans Projects to the community.

We have a well tested and successful process we follow that helps us identify potential partners. We go through a partner evaluation process that enables us to learn about the organsation and it’s presence and existing work within the community.

This evaluation process allows us to identify a short-list of potential partners, we then organise a visit to the potential partners, meet the community and continue to build strong relationships.

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Implementing Projects

Our team has many years experience with implementing Village Savings and Loans Projects in Africa.

Our processes for ensuring projects are delivered successfully and effectively are built on this experience and our experience of the Village Savings and Loans methodology.

We always agree the scope of the projects that we implement with partners, including areas such as project budget, number of groups and the reporting requirements during the project cycle.

The Village Savings and Loans training provided is key to enabling communities to understand and be educated on how to save and manage their money in an effective manner, which empowers them to overcome poverty without the on-going financial reliance on the west.

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Our work focuses on empowering community driven change and providing a help up rather than a handout.