10 weeks to go, Over 1000 miles and thousands more calories

Warren and I have just over 10 weeks until we will head to Market Square where we will start our first of 7 marathons.

Training continues to go well, Warren ran 225 miles during May, I hit 175 and yesterday completed my longest training run of just over 20 miles. The challenge this weekend has been trying to replace the 4000 calories that were burnt during the two runs this weekend on top of the normal daily intake!


Warren mentioned the amazing support team around us in his latest blog post and we continue to be amazed by the advice, encouragement and support from people we meet. Last week we met with Paul Gosling of Equilibrium Massage Therapy and Guthrie Steer of Chiropractic & Massage Clinic. Paul and Guthrie have amazingly agreed to support us with health-checks, physiotherapy support, nutritional advice and massages.

As some of you are aware, we have had the amazing Stuart Hardie of Primal Running coach and train us on ‘Chi Running’. It has been a brilliant learning curve and I genuinley do not think that Warren and I would survive 183.4 miles in 7 days without embracing all the coaching from Stuart and techniques of Chi Running.

My wife Louise is amazing, she is being so supportive when I’m up early for my interval training or back late because of a long evening run. Louise is also playing a huge role in organising the week or marathons and the support team and runners we have with us. Our children, Barnabas (4) and Eden (3) seem to say to me on most days “are you going for a run?” or “are you eating again?”

Warren and I have been blown away by the support from people that are joining us during the 7 marathons. At present we have around 15 people scheduled to run with us at some point and this number seems to be increasing on a daily basis. It appears that people love to get behind a crazy idea and goal!

We’d love to hear from you if you want to get involved and run a mile or two with us during the week of marathons.



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