Training Update – 7 Marathons in 7 Days

There are just over 12 weeks to go until Warren and I start our 7 Marathons in 7 Days challenge!

Training is going well and I have just taken my training schedule to Jersey for the weekend and for the next 5 days I’ll be training in Horsham, West Sussex as I visit my family.

Training in Jersey has been interesting, we are staying at the Durrell Wildlife Camp, within the Durrell Wildlife Park. Ensuring I’ve been up and about for an early morning run hasn’t been difficult with the Lemurs acting as an alarm call at around 6am. What has been tough is leaving the sleeping family in the “glamorous tent” whilst I find my way around Jersey on foot.

I managed to find a scenic route near Rozel Bay for my training runs, which included a nice couple of surprise hills which seemed to go on and on!

It was hills like these that made me appreciate (even more) the input and advice of Stuart Hardie of Primal Running. Stuart has given Warren and I priceless coaching during recent weeks and months, and we have been altering our running style in line with the ‘Chi Running’ form and I have certainly realised the value in looking at my running form. Everything feels smoother, more relaxed and hopefully, reducing the risk of any injury jeopardising the challenge.

We also have had fantastic offers f help (which we are taking up) from the likes of Equilibrium Massage and Guthrie Steer to ensure we are in the best physical shape to complete our challenge.

For anyone interested, below is a snapshot of my training schedule from May through to the end of the 7 Marathons in August. Warren and I have been training for this challenge since February 2014 and between now and the last stride of the 7th Marathon we have around 1100 miles to run.

Philip 7-7 Training

The drive and motivation for this challenge really does come from knowing that the money we are raising will change lives in a positive way. The encouragement and support we have had so far has been incredible, from the donations to date to the people driving down the road tooting us and cheering encouragement out the car window as we venture out on another training run.

There are a few ways in which you can support us on the challenge, they are:

Sponsor us. We are aiming to raise £20,000 for This Is EPIC and The HUB, any donation will go directly to changing lives in Africa and Guernsey. Donations can be made through our fundraising page;


Run with us. A mile, a half-marathon or even a whole marathon. We would love an army of runners with us during the week. If you are interested in running with us during the 7 marathons from the 18th to the 24th August then please contact

The Marathon dates are:

  • Marathon 1 – Monday 18th August
  • Marathon 2 – Tuesday 19th August
  • Marathon 3 – Wednesday 20th August
  • Marathon 4 – Thursday 21st August
  • Marathon 5 – Friday 22nd August
  • Marathon 6 – Saturday 23rd August
  • Marathon 7 – Sunday 24th August (Also Guernsey Waterfront Marathon)

Challenge yourself. At This Is EPIC we would love to hear form anyone that wants to challenge themselves and help our charity and other charities change lives. Visit our Get Involved page to send us your idea and challenge.





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