We Exist For All Humanity

It is a bold statement, but it is true and something we are passionate about.

We have a big vision, we want the disease of poverty to be wiped out across the globe. We understand that this may not happen in our lifetime but we know that we can begin to make an impact.

Wes Jackson once said “If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.” This is something that drives us forward with our work.

We have three key areas to our work:

  • To empower individuals, families and communities to overcome poverty through informal financial services
  • To work with other charities to empower communities with the inspiration and tools they need to overcome the challenges they face
  • To build a team that works to overcome poverty on a global scale

Over the past six years our team have implemented over 1000 Village Savings and Loans groups in Africa which have impacted well over 100,000 people. We have seen the positive impact to enabling communities to create the place they want to live in and raise their families in.

When families and communities are given the right training and tools you quickly realise that they are best placed to develop their own sustainable future, and our projects enhance communities through the development of income generating activities and saving money.

As a team we fully understand that overcoming poverty and reaching the ‘unbanked’ is only part of the solution. This is why we are beginning to work with other amazing charities such as Projects For All and The Eleanor Foundation.

Working with these guys excites us as they are also passionate about empowering communities and having a decentralised approach to their work. Whether it is Projects For All enabling a community to build their very own digital learning hub or The Eleanor Foundation team enabling a community to build its own shallow wells for fresh water, community driven change, we believe, is key to humanity overcoming the challenges it faces.

Where do we see our impact on a global scale? Empowering people to overcome poverty is our ikigai, it is what provides us with our energy and passion. Our role is to collaborate with individuals and organisations to tackle the global poverty problem using innovation, creativity, communities and technology.

“Seven of the world’s top ten fastest-growing economies are in Africa. But, amidst this picture of economic dynamism, poverty and inequality remain high. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a striking example: it is one of the top ten, but, at the same time, ranks at the bottom of the UN’s Human Development Index.”

This is not right. This is not how humanity is meant to live.

The opportunity for change and improvement is massive, and the answers are already out there in the community. In recent years we have seen a huge impact on the global challenge of poverty through the likes of Microfinance, online lending platforms, informal financial services and Mobile banking for the poor through organisations like M-PESA.

We don’t have all the answers, but one thing we know is that the approach to a global impact on alleviating poverty will include Community, Innovation, Technology and Collaboration.

Don’t wait for permission to change the world.



Our work focuses on empowering community driven change and providing a help up rather than a handout.